As the armies of the Lich King marched over Azeroth, the embattled peoples of the Horde cried out for heroes… but unfortunately all they could find was The Hand of Shadow.

Since then this rag-tag collection of misfits and renegades have been delving into the deepest, darkest, gnome-infested holes in Azeroth, kicking ass and developing inappropriate attachments to dragons, determined that (no matter how many times they die in the process) they will overcome their foes, and acquire shiny purple things.

Our notable allies have include Jerry the snail, a small shifty black dragon, and a handful of grumplings.

We are currently having a spot of bother with a warlock called Gul’dan, and are looking for like-minded heroes to join us in an attempt to end his reign of terror… and steal his shinies.

Ps, Our resident tree has requested that people kindly stop setting fire to it. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Though the guild have been raiding casually for many years, over the last 2 expansions we’ve become gradually more progress orientated, and adopted a range of new players from first-timers to ex-hardcore raiders.

The majority of our raiders are in their 20s / 30s, and whilst we understand that real life happens, and sometimes family or work needs to take priority, we find progress is the smoothest with a stable roster, so we do all strive for a reasonable level of attendance and commitment.

Our players take pride in their characters, however we don’t take ourselves *too* seriously. For us, atmosphere is incredibly important- we play the game to relax and unwind. We’re pretty sociable, and you’ll find people knocking about in guild chat / Teamspeak at all kinds of weird times of day and night, doing various content or playing other games together.

In Legion we aim to maintain a pace that’ll allow us to clear most of the mythic content before the next tier is released, whilst still retaining an enjoyable atmosphere. We will work together to slay demons, dodge fire, and identify where any mistakes are being made, except on Mondays, when everything is Mike’s fault anyway.

Lok’tar Ogar! For the Horde!