Raid info & rules

The general ethos of the raid team is that everyone should carry their own weight and be considerate of others. We’ve set down a few basic rules so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Invites begin at 19:45. Raiders should aim to be online (on the right character) by then.
    Raiders should be inside the instance and ready to fight by 20:00.
    At 20:00 we’ll invite reserves if anyone who we were expecting has not shown up.
  • We do ask raiders to sign up on the in-game calendar- this is so we can organize enough reserves a few days ahead, and avoid downtime and group-finder pugs. If you don’t sign up, your spot is not guaranteed.
  • We ask raiders to have reasonable attendance. Regularly missing raids may lead to lower loot priority, or losing your spot to someone with higher attendance.
  • Raiders should take pride in their characters. We expect people to gem and enchant their gear appropriately. Many guild members are happy to provide gems or enchants for mats cost to those who need it, so there’s really no excuse!
  • We do expect progress raiders to learn the fight mechanics for new bosses ahead of time, but studying a specific execution strategy isn’t mandatory unless raid leadership requests it. Icy Veins and Fatboss guides are recommended.
  • Very low performance or consistently failing at required tasks may lead to benching, but considering the guild’s semi-casual nature, we don’t expect world first-class performance, and we accept the occasional mistake.
  • As we already have a few silent players, we will tolerate (but not encourage) not having a microphone. For new applicants an inability (or unwillingness) to speak will be considered a negative point (as many fights require good communication), but not an automatic decline.
  • AFKing during raids should be kept to a minimum- if you absolutely need to AFK outside of the raid break, try to do it during trash / corpse-runs to keep disruption to a minimum, and let someone know that you’re going!

Attitude is more difficult to write in rules. We don’t mind swearing itself, but most common uses seem to be rude comments towards a particular player or the raid in general – we’d rather do away with those. Suggestions or pointing out the occasional mistake is acceptable, but you should know the person you are talking to – not everyone responds to feedback similarly. If you are the recipient, don’t lash out defensively – they are trying to help you and the raid, not attack you. If in doubt, use whispers instead of voice, or message a role leader or an officer.