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Mythic High Botanist Deaded!

[photo inc just as soon as I find the good one with only the tanks and the cockroaches left alive…]

Mythic Tichondrius Is Dead!

And all his horrible little bats too!

mythic tichondrius

Mythic Spellblade Down!

We traumatised our raid leader…

mythic spellblade

Mythic Krosus Killed!

That wasn’t close. My tail is completely unsinged.

mythic krosus

Mythic Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly & Trilliax Dead In One Night!

We finally have 20 people! Nowww.. where do they keep the hard bosses? 😀

trilliax mythic

chronomatic anomaly mythic

skorpyron mythic

Heroic Gul’dan Is Dead!

heroic gul'dan kill!

Heroic Elisande Killed!

[no photos!] 🙁

Heroic High Botanist Is No More!

[no photos!] 🙁

Heroic Tichondrius Dead!

[no photos!] 🙁

Heroic Star Augur Killed

(with rainbows!)

star augur