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Mythic Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly & Trilliax Dead In One Night!

We finally have 20 people! Nowww.. where do they keep the hard bosses? 😀

trilliax mythic

chronomatic anomaly mythic

skorpyron mythic

Heroic Gul’dan Is Dead!

heroic gul'dan kill!

Heroic Elisande Killed!

[no photos!] 🙁

Heroic High Botanist Is No More!

[no photos!] 🙁

Heroic Tichondrius Dead!

[no photos!] 🙁

Heroic Star Augur Killed

(with rainbows!)

star augur

Heroic Spellblade & Krosus Down!

[no photos!] 🙁

Heroic Skorpyron, Anomaly & Cake Boss Down!

We didn’t take any screenshots, so here’s a picture of me with my cake. 🙂


Mythic Eyeball Boss Killed!

eyeball boss mythic

Mythic Ursoc & Dragons Down!

mythic ursoc