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    Personal Information


    Q: Name *
    A: Shaun

    Q: Age*
    A: 22

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: London, England.

    Q: BattleTag*
    A: Athelstan#2500

    Character Info


    Previously PvP in past expansions.
    Legionnaire / Challenger pug xp.


    TBC – Kharazan – Gruuls Lair – Magtheridons Lair.
    WOTLK – Naxxramas – OS – EOE – VOA Trial of Crusader Ulduar 9/14. – ICC -9/12
    CATA N/A
    13/14 Heroic (Not Mythic at the time) Siege of Orgrimmar.
    7/7 HC Third week of Highmaul 2/7 mythic 4th week of opening.
    Quit raiding at this point.

    Q: Link to Armory Profile (Make sure to have logged out in your PVE gear)*
    A: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/spinebreaker/Veryalive/simple

    Q: Class*
    A: Shaman

    Q: Spec*
    A: Enhancement / Restoration

    Q: Do you play your off-spec(s) and what is your experience playing them?*

    Restoration Shaman was my main pvp character in past expansions.
    Played LFR / NORMAL/ HEROIC from time to time as him.

    Q: Are you willing to respec?*
    A: Yes.

    In-Game & Performance

    Ranked Best Healer (Spinebreaker) in Mist of Pandaria.

    Q: Previous guild(s) and reason(s) for leaving them*
    A: The Hand of Shadow.

    Q: Previous PVE experience (Vanilla-TBC-WotLK-Cataclysm-MoP-WoD)*

    Q: Where do you read up on your class?
    A: Icy Veins – Youtube – BETA.

    Q: Link to available logs

    Q: Screenshots of your in-game UI (Preferably in action)
    A: Check my Facebook picture of Thok 1 % wipe.

    Q: Do you use weakauras?
    A: I use a variety of Addons that compliment my raiding style.

    Q: Computer specifications
    A: N/A

    Q: Internet connection
    A: GREAT

    Q: Do you have a microphone and are you able to communicate on TeamSpeak?*
    A: YES

    Raid availability

    TBD – All or None. Will find out in the next three weeks.

    Q: Which of the following raid days can you attend? *
    Wednesday 20:00 – 23:00 –
    Thursday 20:00 – 23:00 –
    Monday 20:00 – 23:300 –

    TBD – All or None. Will find out in the next three weeks.

    Q: Is there any upcoming event(s) that may change your availability?*
    A: N/A


    Q: Why do you want to join The Hand of Shadow?
    A: N/A

    Q: What do you expect from us?
    A: Realm First

    Q: What are your long term goals in WoW?
    A: World First

    Q: We have a focus on the social aspects in the guild. Do you intend to be a part of social activities outside of the raids?
    A: Always

    Q: Is there anyone in The Hand of Shadow who can possibly vouch for you?
    A: Everyone .

    Q: Any additional information that would help your application?
    A: No.

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    EDIT: Remaining as a healer. Enhancement is my off spec.

    Officer / site admin

    We have someone else for the 4th healer spot, so when we move from heroic to mythic, or possibly even sooner, you will have to main dps. We are prepared to have you as enhancement, but I noticed you also mentioned monk and druid on the members forum thread. Balance and Elemental as ranged specs would be particularly good, and windwalker as an alternative to enhancement should be okay too.

    Since you haven’t raided with us for a while, you will be considered a trial.



    Is the fourth healer a current member of the Guild?

    Having seen what I am capable of healing (on the worst of specs) don’t you think it would be wise to hold a trial to determine who will be the main healers?

    I played Monk and Druid recently on the beta. Their play-style is very different now and not very fun.

    Officer / site admin

    We have recruited a new holy paladin for a trial, as our current healers believe that class will better cover our needs. Additionally, one of our active raiders wishes to return to resto shaman, which was their main before they joined our guild.

    Depending on attendance and number of players returning for a new expansion, we might go up to 30 man in normal/heroic raids. In that case, there may be a chance for you to show your healing ability after a long break and with a new class.

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