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    Personal Information

    Q: Name *
    A: Alex

    Q: Age*
    A: 21

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: Serbia, Belgrade

    Q: BattleTag*
    A: Aleksa#1306

    Character Info

    Q: Link to Armory Profile (Make sure to have logged out in your PVE gear)*
    A: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/Retinol/simple

    Q: Class*
    A: Paladin

    Q: Spec*
    A: Holy

    Q: Do you play your off-spec(s) and what is your experience playing them?*
    A: I do play dps, but at the moment my dps gear for mythic is not adequate.

    Q: Are you willing to respec?*
    A: Only if it is really needed.

    In-Game & Performance

    Q: Previous guild(s) and reason(s) for leaving them*
    A: Cyber Army (disbanded), Rust (disbanded), Ministry (haven’t left yet, but since they are doing only the last two bosses in HFC mythic, I’d like to find someone that does upper HFC, since I’d like to gear up some more)

    Q: Previous PVE experience (Vanilla-TBC-WotLK-Cataclysm-MoP-WoD)*
    A: Played back in the day AQ, BT, ICC, didnt play through Cata and MoP, and cleared all mythic content in WoD so far, with the exception in Archimonde.

    Q: Where do you read up on your class?
    A: From a number of resources.

    Q: Link to available logs
    A: Since I was on a break for 6months, there isnt really any log left that actually shows what I’m capable of achieving.

    Q: Screenshots of your in-game UI (Preferably in action)
    A: http://imgur.com/0upShjY

    Q: Do you use weakauras?
    A: Nope.

    Q: Computer specifications
    A: Intel core i7, nVidia GTX 560 GS, 8GB RAM

    Q: Internet connection
    A: Stable 50MB/s

    Q: Do you have a microphone and are you able to communicate on TeamSpeak?*
    A: Yes

    Raid availability

    Q: Which of the following raid days can you attend? *
    Wednesday 20:00 – 23:00 – +
    Thursday 20:00 – 23:00 – +
    Monday 20:00 – 23:300 – +

    Q: Is there any upcoming event(s) that may change your availability?*
    A: No


    Q: Why do you want to join The Hand of Shadow?
    A: I just want to raid the content for a bit longer.

    Q: What do you expect from us?
    A: Raids and kills 😛

    Q: What are your long term goals in WoW?
    A: Just have fun, and progress in pve

    Q: We have a focus on the social aspects in the guild. Do you intend to be a part of social activities outside of the raids?
    A: I don’t mind it

    Q: Is there anyone in The Hand of Shadow who can possibly vouch for you?
    A: No

    Q: Any additional information that would help your application?
    A: /

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    I don’t think you find what you want with us – we are progressing on Archimonde, and there will be no Upper Citadel farm until he is dead. Also, we 3 heal most fights in HFC, so any extra healer would need to have a viable dps offspec.

    If you are interested about joining in Legion, you can reply in this thread or write a new application. However, we are already set on tanks and healers, and quite heavy on melee, so unless you are rolling a ranged dps, we probably can’t accept you.

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