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    Personal Information

    Q: Name *
    A: Hussein

    Q: Age*
    A: 23

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: Saudi Arabia

    Q: BattleTag*
    A: Rylaicrystal#2725

    Character Info

    Q: Link to Armory Profile (Make sure to have logged out in your PVE gear)*
    A: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tarren-mill/Rylaicrystal/advanced

    Q: Class*
    A: I’m applying as a Demon Hunter but for now I’ll be linking info about my Death Knight.

    Q: Spec*
    A: Havoc

    Q: Do you play your off-spec(s) and what is your experience playing them?*
    A: Yes I do play off-specs (A lot), I rarely do tend to call a spec my *main* spec. I love changing and trying all specs on any class I play (In both PvE and PvP).

    Q: Are you willing to respec?*
    A: Yes, am willing to respec and change class (As long as it’s a melee class or a Hunter).

    In-Game & Performance

    Q: Previous guild(s) and reason(s) for leaving them*
    A: In Cataclysm I joined a guild named Betrayed, the guild was amazing and I had ton of fun. However, the guild fell apart as the expansion ended (Sadly). In MoP I joined a guild called Happy Ending. Again, the guild offered me the best time in WoW I ever had and I made a lot of friends. I spent most of MoP with Happy Ending until eventually, it too fell apart when people had to leave for real life reasons (Myself included). Finally, WoD came and I joined a guild called The Final Flame. My guild merged with a stronger guild called Immortalis due to low attendance. Sadly though, Immortalis had many players with terrible personalities. My friends from The Final Flame and myself couldn’t and didn’t want to be a part of a group that would treat anyone they didn’t like with disrespect. We left and that was when I took a break off WoW. Then a good friend of mine invited me to my current guild Legio Excisio and that’s when I started enjoying WoW again but now, after the guild has cleared HFC on HC, we decided to take a break. Seems my history is filled with all the guild I love dying, all good things come to an end.

    Q: Previous PVE experience (Vanilla-TBC-WotLK-Cataclysm-MoP-WoD)*
    Wrath: I started in wrath and was mostly a PvP player back then. Raiding in Wotlk was mostly with irl friends and we only did normal ICC and ToC
    Cataclysm: With my guild Betrayed we progressed Dragon Soul on HC and got 6/8. Before that when I was on my own I cleared Cata raids on normal fully.
    Mist Of Pandaria : I joined Happy Ending and cleared every raid on normal. (Siege was on HC since that’s the old normal).
    WoD : With Final Flame and Immortalis, I cleared HC (And partially mythic) Highmaul, I took a WoW break on BRF. Then with my current guild I cleared HFC fully on HC.

    Other PvE experiences outside raiding:
    Gold Challenge Mode clear both in MoP and WoD.
    Proving Grounds: 110 waves on my monk as brewmaster and 79 waves as Blood Death Knight.

    Q: Where do you read up on your class?
    http://sonofalich.com This is the main website for the Death Knight community.
    I also check Icyvains and noxxic plus WoW forums (from time to time).
    Preach Gaming videos is another great source I like to view.

    Q: Link to available logs

    Q: Screenshots of your in-game UI (Preferably in action)
    A: http://imgur.com/dD0UJmI However, since I’ll be a Demon Hunter in Legion, I might look more like this http://imgur.com/EPnQpVx

    Q: Do you use weakauras?
    A: No, I use TellMeWhen instead.

    Q: Computer specifications
    A: http://imgur.com/sG9HssD

    Q: Internet connection
    A: Sometimes I do experience lag issue and this is my most downfall but with all my previous guilds It never came to the point where I held them back or crippled their progress (just abit annoying from time to time)

    Q: Do you have a microphone and are you able to communicate on TeamSpeak?*
    A: Yes, yes.

    Raid availability

    Q: Which of the following raid days can you attend? *
    Wednesday 20:00 – 23:00 – Available
    Thursday 20:00 – 23:00 – Available
    Monday 20:00 – 23:300 – Available

    Q: Is there any upcoming event(s) that may change your availability?*
    A: No. however, if anything that prevents me from attending does happen, I’ll be sure to inform the guild at least a week before.


    Q: Why do you want to join The Hand of Shadow?
    A: I want to join a guild that does progression and also is friendly. I Think Hand of Shadow is just that. I heard a lot of good things about the guild from Jen

    Q: What do you expect from us?
    A: For the guild to maintain a balance between progression and having a friendly environment.

    Q: What are your long term goals in WoW?
    A: To enjoy and experience everything the game as to offer with a guild that I enjoy being with. This has always been and will be my goal in WoW.

    Q: We have a focus on the social aspects in the guild. Do you intend to be a part of social activities outside of the raids?
    A: Ohh yes! As long as there’s an activity going on, I love to be a part of it.

    Q: Is there anyone in The Hand of Shadow who can possibly vouch for you?
    A: Jen, she’s always saying good things about the guild when I ask her.

    Q: Any additional information that would help your application?
    A: I would like to add few things:
    One, am applying as a Demon Hunter for Legion.

    Two, I mostly wish to start raiding with this guild in Legion. If the guild wants to put me in trial for the remainder of WoD to evaluate me till Legion, that’s fine.

    Three, I play many different classes and speccs but the role I have shinned at the most was tanking. And while this guild isn’t looking for tanks (and I’m not applying as one either) just know if I do get accepted and the guild ever in need of a tank at any point, I’ll be a valuable player in filling that role.

    Officer / site admin

    Sorry for the long wait, but I haven’t managed to catch the other officers for a discussion yet. This is a strong application, and I’d love to have you in, but our Legion roster is already quite heavy on melee so I can’t promise anything without talking with other officers first.

    Officer / site admin

    We have decided to give you a trial spot as Havoc Demon Hunter.

    You shall start your trial when Legion raids open. If/when you decide to transfer or create characters on our realms (Spinebreaker, Stormreaver, Dragonmaw, Haomarush, Vashj), you can ask any guild member for a guild invite.

    If you have any questions, you can reply in this thread, or message any of Mikälie#2475, Creed#22658 and Cudor#2198.

    Guild Member

    Thanks for accepting me ^_^, and I hope the guild enjoy having me around. I’ll soon be sure to transfer realm and ask for a guild invite.

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