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    Why are you writing your application?

    • I want to join the main raid team (mythic, semi-hardcore).

    First name (optional): Dom


    Country (optional): England


    Class: Priest

    Mainspec/role: Holy priest/healer

    Can you play your offspecs if needed? Not currently, learning disc.

    Are you willing to change mainspec if needed? Yes, as long as remaining a healer.

    Armory link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/dragonmaw/talendria

    Raid background and performance
    Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them: Not prepared – changed server, Fade (As a social, was applying unsuccessfully but taken as backup on occasion) – left to try to progress current level content, midwinter (was not happy with progression)

    Previous raiding experience: Minimal Nighthold and ToS Mythic, lots of experience in heroic with multiple characters

    Where do you read up on your class/spec? Multiple sources. (Class discord, asking more experienced players, multiple websites)

    How do you prepare for new raid encounters? Watch PoVs, look at logs and guides, ask more experienced players.

    WarcraftLogs link: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/26426401

    Screenshot of your in-game UI, preferably in raid combat: https://gyazo.com/24a1abe58beb9abbf0ae15375dceb6a9

    Computer specifications: https://gyazo.com/2bbf90f9205c19fb6378e99863dc0d22

    Internet connection: 30mb down/ 15mb Up

    Do you have a microphone and are you able to communicate on TeamSpeak? Yes.

    Raid availability (main raid team only)
    Which of the following raid times can you attend?
    Wednesday 19:45 – 23:00 ?
    Thursday 19:45 – 23:00 ?
    Monday 19:45 – 23:00 ? Available at all raid times

    Are there any upcoming events that may change your availability? Short holiday from 27/10 to 05/11

    The Hand of Shadow
    Why do you want to join The Hand of Shadow? To raid mythic. As stated in the first question.

    What do you expect from us? A casual/semi-hardcore raiding environment with decent progression through current content.

    What are your long term goals in WoW? To progress as a player as well as with others through current content.

    We have a focus on the social aspects in the guild. Do you intend to be a part of social activities outside of the raids? Yes.

    Is there anyone in The Hand of Shadow who can possibly vouch for you? Although not in the guild, Ossumz can vouch for me in most cases.

    Is there anything else you would like to add to your application? I look forward to starting raiding as soon as is possible, if my application is successful.

    Officer / site admin

    Invited to trial after chatting on Battle.net.

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