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    Why are you writing your application?

    • I want to join the main raid team (mythic, semi-hardcore).

    Name (optional): Corneliu

    Age: 21

    Country (optional): UK

    BattleTag: zotik#2338

    Character: Zhoorg
    Class: Shaman

    Mainspec/role: Restoration

    Can you play your offspecs if needed?

    Are you willing to change mainspec if needed?

    Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormreaver/Zhoorg/simple

    Raid background and performance
    Previous guilds and reasons for leaving them: I am currently a member of Minority but I don’t like the atmosphere, people aren’t really active and they don’t rotate the main core.

    Previous raiding experience:
    Raided in Vanilla, TBC, Wotlk and MoP. ICC, ToC, VoA, Naxx, Ulduar, EoE, OS, black temple and all the main raids for the respective expansion. I have always been a healer, with some guilds i was progressing pretty fast, with others no, but I have always been in top 3 healers.

    Where do you read up on your class/spec?
    Usually i use IcyVeins or WoWhead.

    How do you prepare for new raid encounters?
    I watch the videos of boss encounters and then I look for special class rotation for that specific encounter.

    WarcraftLogs link: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/19059550/latest#metric=hps

    Screenshot of your in-game UI, preferably in raid combat:

    Computer specifications: i5-3750k 3,4ghz, 8GB RAM, AMD HD 7900 3GB Dedicated

    Internet connection: 150 mg/s

    Do you have a microphone and are you able to communicate on TeamSpeak?

    Raid availability (main raid team only)
    Which of the following raid times can you attend?
    Wednesday 19:45 – 23:00 ?
    Thursday 19:45 – 23:00 ?
    Monday 19:45 – 23:00 ?

    Are there any upcoming events that may change your availability?

    The Hand of Shadow
    Why do you want to join The Hand of Shadow?
    It seems like a serious guild. I was invited to raid tonight with the guild and people seemed nice and mature. That’s what I am looking for, motivated, mature and serious people to get along with in order to achieve high end progression.

    What do you expect from us?
    I expect to be part of an active and helpful society. People should be allowed to learn from mistakes as well. Those mistakes have to be pointed out.

    What are your long term goals in WoW?
    Well, I want to always be progressing.

    We have a focus on the social aspects in the guild. Do you intend to be a part of social activities outside of the raids?
    Of course, that’s part of the 80% time we’re not raiding.

    Is there anyone in The Hand of Shadow who can possibly vouch for you?
    Don’t think so. Spoke with Creed about the application, but that’s all.

    Is there anything else you would like to add to your application?
    I want to be a good addition to the team, either resto or dps, preferably resto but I can switch if that’s necessary although I will need items. With time I hope I will become an invaluable member. That’s my main goal.

    Officer / site admin

    Hello, and thanks for your application.

    We’re happy to accept you for a trial, but we need to talk to some other people before we can decide whether you can heal as mainspec. Even if you do get to main resto, we’d appreciate you being able to dps at an acceptable level so you can rotate with other healers whenever we don’t need so many.

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